The Wasting Sickness of Cu Chulaind

Cu Chulaind, sick as you are, There’s no use to wait. If they were your kin they’d aid you, Those daughters of Aed Abrat.   In husky tones Li Ban spoke, With Labraid Luathlam at his right: “The daughter Fand desires one thing: To sleep with Cu Chulaind this night.   “’A Joyous day it […]

Postmodernity and Cultural Stagnation

Introduction It is possible to chart a strong historical narrative through the history of Western classical music from the Renaissance through the mid-20th century. To conceive of such a narrative is to indulge in historicism which may not always match historical reality on the more local scale. But the forming of such a historical narrative […]

Among the H’mongs

It’s best leaving Hanoi at night, at least in monsoon season, when the days are heavy and close. The evenings are too, the heat never really leaving much, but the sun isn’t there to burn your neck. I had thought leaving the mundanity of London would provide so many new things to look at and […]