Burial at Sea

During 2016, artists across Ireland presented work that sought to commemorate the Easter Rising and the changes that a century has brought to the nation. As part of an Irish Composers’ Collective concert held in November 2016, I curated a concert entitled Speaking with the Past,  which aimed at creating ambitious and challenging new works for mezzo […]

Threads and Traces

Threads and Traces is a work for solo viola and ensemble that explores the space between notes and the traces they leave behind. It was premiered by Sebastian Adams and the Kirkos Ensemble during the annual Irish Composers’ Collective Takeover concert on 13th November 2015. The first movement, Chorale, features a slow and meditative viola […]

Casement opera

With support from the Arts Council of Ireland, I will be spending 2015 developing and writing the libretto and score for a brand new opera based on the life of Irish revolutionary Roger Casement. A deeply contentious figure in Irish history, Casement will make a fascinating subject for a dark and probing opera. For some […]

Postmodernity and Cultural Stagnation

Introduction It is possible to chart a strong historical narrative through the history of Western classical music from the Renaissance through the mid-20th century. To conceive of such a narrative is to indulge in historicism which may not always match historical reality on the more local scale. But the forming of such a historical narrative […]